Continental Breakfast

Like all of Key & Peele’s stuff, this is hilarious.   Who doesn’t love “the pit of the doughnut” or the “fapoon”?

Breakfast while on the road can be a lot of fun, or not so much, depending on your breakfast preferences.  I’m not one to skip breakfast, so I need to have something before heading out.  It can sometimes be a money-saver to book a hotel with a free breakfast, particularly for a family.  Then again, especially overseas, you can miss out on delicious local fare by going that route.

Let’s face it, the free breakfast at most chain hotels is only average at best.  I must admit to having a soft spot if they offer a waffle maker!  Aside from that, lately I’ve shied away from purposely seeking out properties with free breakfast unless I know it offers a good value and quality.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Continental Breakfast

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