The Lego Block of Pompeii

Ancient giant Lego!

Ancient giant Lego!

Along a back street of Pompeii, just around the corner from the back door of the cafe, we stumbled upon this amazing artifact.  It didn’t take long to recognize as, obviously, giant a Lego block!

So – what was a stone Lego block doing in ancient Pompeii?  I think the answer is pretty clear – either “ancient aliens” are responsible for inventing Lego pieces nearly 2,000 years ago or time travelers from the 20th century went back and tried to introduce the Lego building principles to the Roman Empire!

Did mainstream science and industry suppress Lego building for centuries?  Or were the alien visitors driven away by Vesuvius’ volcanic activity?  And how are the Knights Templar and Loch Ness involved?  I vow to get to the bottom of this vast conspiracy on behalf of you, dear readers!!



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